From Annie Meyer Gallery | Studio 2507

July 30, 2013

August happenings at Studio 2507

2013 Will Valley-new blueFor those of you who haven’t heard, I had a bicycle accident and broke my leg a couple weeks ago- so am non weight bearing (just weight gaining!) for the next 6 weeks and hopefully things will go ok with the healing. So limited mobility and need a driver to commute anywhere.  Needless to say , I’ll have to forgo my trip to France this year, but am hoping once I’m up and around to be able to have a productive month in the studio in September.  In my own mind I’m thankful I didn’t injure myself in the winter!!- much easier to get around  barefoot and coat-less.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to be in Art In The Pearl- will wait a couple more weeks to decide on that one- and that I’ll see you there!!!

I also do plan to make it to the studio for First Friday-Aug 2nd 6-9 pm.  And am able to make it over there if you want to meet me-just call or email and I can try to meet you-